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About us

For a lot of us our lives are all about family and friends.  Throw in some time at the beach or watching the grand kids play sports and you have a really good time.   Light up the BBQ and its perfect. 

So when my wife and I came up with the idea for our store we wanted to focus on merchandise around family, friends and those we love.   Plus we wanted to keep the cost affordable so everyone could enjoy and share it with their family and friends.  And that’s how our store Today’s Life started. 

At Today’s Life we offer personalized merchandise and gifts for family and friends.  Our products are a great way to share your love with loved ones, remember a special occasion or celebrate holidays. We offer custom personalized merchandise for any occasion. Our products make great gifts and keepsakes.  We backyard products that will brighten your home and yard. Plus we recently added watches, AFONiE leather handbags and products.

And there's Free Shipping on every product, every day.

So check out our merchandise and enjoy Today’s Life.